Rainpebbles Fall Sale! – November 14th and 15th

The Fall Sale for Rainpebbles Glass will take place at Rainpebbles HQ on 14th and 15th of November from 1pm to 7pm both days. All of our inventory of unique pieces will be on sale, with some special offers for multiple purchases. For the duration of this sale, all inventory will be offline in Etsy. Any unsold items will be available on Etsy immediately after this sale concludes.
Q&A follows.

1. So…is Rainpebbles Glass going out of business?
A. No, Hell No.

2. So, why are you selling everything?
A. We have decided to focus on 4 areas in 2016:
– Art pieces
– Decorative desk lamps
– Custom vitrigraph production and sales
– Education

So…we are selling any finished pieces that do not fit into the above categories

3. So…are you simply packaging up all of the crap that hasn’t sold so far?
A. Nope. Some of these pieces are stunningly unique. They were designed to be used in a house, but many prospective buyers (we believe) are unsure of how to use them, or whether to even use them. One thing we know is that when people see, touch and feel many of the pieces, they fall in love with them. At this sale, touching and feeling will be positively encouraged.

4. So what will people find when they attend the Rainpebbles Sale?
A. The glass will be on sale in highly congenial surroundings, with soft furnishings, fine music, lots of decorative cats to pet, finger nibbles, and the occasional glass of fine wine or other liquid refreshment. You can even go sit by the pool and drink in the rustic island atmosphere, then go home and tell your friends you visited Kitty Key.

5. How do we find out where this mythical Kitty Key really is?
A. We will post a flyer for the sale at the beginning of November.

Authentication of Rainpebbles Glass works

With immediate effect, Rainpebbles Glass is now uniquely marking our finished glass objects. We are doing this via the application of a hand-written signature which is unobtrusive (it is only visible when the piece is viewed at an angle, it is essentially invisible when the object is viewed via direct light). The signature is sandwiched within the glass layers of the piece, so it cannot be removed or modified without severely vandalizing the piece.
Each piece is uniquely numbered via a year/month/number ID.
We are doing this to assure clients that every piece is indeed unique (we have no production line round the back stamping these things out) and to document this within the finished piece.

Fall Activities at Rainpebbles Glass

We are well into the Fall art fair season here at Rainpebbles…this coming Saturday we will be at Pop Up Market in Fort Worth.

2 Weekends ago we exhibited at the South Street Arts Festival in Arlington. That was the first year of the festival. It was well-organized and we had an excellent position. Here is the view of out stand on the South side of the street on the Sunday:

2013-09-29 10.48.44

Here is the latest collection of pendants on sale at South Street:2013-09-29 12.00.10

The only downside was that it rained very heavily for a while on Saturday afternoon from 2 until 5pm, which caused us a certain degree of amusement, as the back corner of our sales are became a location for the remake of “A River Runs Through It”…

2013-09-28 14.32.13

Shevlin’s First Law of Selling in person

1. If the first words out of a viewer are a variant on “this is so pretty”, they are not going to buy a thing.

This is pretty infallible. Usually the people saying this are women. They are simply verbally rationaliizing a decision that they may have already made in their head before they even walked into the tent.