Shevlin’s First Law of Selling in person

1. If the first words out of a viewer are a variant on “this is so pretty”, they are not going to buy a thing.

This is pretty infallible. Usually the people saying this are women. They are simply verbally rationaliizing a decision that they may have already made in their head before they even walked into the tent.

Hello Again!

Several months ago I received an email from someone informing me that my website had major issues. After quite a bit of time looking into the issue, my husband discovered that for unknown reasons all around, Blue Host lost every bit of my website. All the photos – gone. All my blog postings – gone. Hours spend creating the website, gone, gone, gone.

Thanks mostly to my wonderfully computer & blog literate husband, I am back to writing to the cloud for anyone to read. In my hiatus I wrote and posted on Facebook – – and I certainly will continue posting there – but for those without a Facebook page, you can see what I am up to here at Worldpress. =)

So far, I am liking the usability of this blog MUCH better than blue host. Time will tell, but we’re off to a great start.