Last Glass Class for 2013!

A reminder that our last Glass Class for 2013 is scheduled for this Sunday, December 8th. We have 4 places available. Contact us via Facebook (see Rainpebbles Glass) or by sending an email to

Craft fair fun – trying to beat a frontal storm system (and failing)

We exhibited at UT Arlington yesterday. The fair was supposed to finish at 9pm. All afternoon we had been monitoring the progress of frontal rain and thunderstorms, moving South East slowly from the North and West. As the front moved South East, it was sucking in Gulf Air, a classical meteorological feature of the mid-West which in the Spring and Summer leads to unpleasant events like tornadoes. This time, we saw a steadily deepening line of red on the weather radar. I went for a drive to pick up some lighting bits and pieces at 7pm and saw lightning to the North and West, and an outflow cloud formation ahead of the storm moving slowly South over us. It was only a matter of time before the storm hit us, the main question being, would we make it to 9pm?
The decision was made for us at 7.45pm when the organizers declared an early close. We immediately began to tear down. Unlike many exhibitors, who have a modular rig with a smaller number of exhibits, our set up is more labor intensive, and we bring a lot more stock to an event. It takes us at least 1 hour to break down the whole rig. I wish we could go it quicker, we will look at that this Winter.
We set to work as fast as possible packing up. By 8.35 pm it was starting to rain, and we had a great light show above us. We left the E-Z Up fully configured and broke the displays down and put everything away. By this time, it was raining hard with gusty winds starting to pick up all around us. Normally, in a row of exhibitor tents, there is mutual wind protection, but once enough tents are broken down, that protection diminishes. More of that in a minute.
I set off to get the first car. When I arrived back at the exhibition area, Mary was trying to break down the tent, but then a gust of wind started to move it. We have 200 pounds of custom weights that we use to secure the corners of the tent, but once those are removed as the first part of the break-down, the tent is vulnerable to wind gusts. It took 4 people to hold it down and prevent it from going walkabout, while we loaded the car with the tables, exhibits, chairs and other paraphernalia. Then I moved the first car out of the way and set off to bring up the second car. By the time I got back to our pitch with the second car, it was bucketing down. We loaded remaining clutter into the second car, then, after I consulted the radar and determined that there was no let-up in the rain, we set (I think) a new record for collapsing an E-Z Up and loading it into a car trunk. It’s amazing how fast you can move when you are being rained on. By this time it was really raining hard (the red zone on the radar had hit us), so we set off out of the AT Arlington campus, driving carefully along suddenly-sodden roads. In Texas, a lot of people either fail to slow down or tiptoe along the road as if expecting imminent doom, we saw both behavioral pathologies on the way home.
We made it home, still wet. The cars are being unpacked on Sunday morning, with some stuff being put away for the Winter. Back to cyber-sales…

The Fall craft fair season is over…

Rainpebbles is now into the Winter selling and crafting season. Remember that Christmas is just around the corner, and Rainpebbles objects make great Christmas gifts for all ages and budgets..visit the Etsy store for ideas. Also, we create custom glass objects, if you see something that you like but want it in a different color, just contact us to start a dailogue.
We have some interesting new ideas in the works for 2014. Keep in touch.

Glass Class Dates – Fall 2013

We still have vacancies in Fall Glass class as follows:

November 24th    2.00 – 5.00 pm      Vacancies:   3

December 8th      2.00 – 5.00 pm       Vacancies: 4

We can also do classes in the evening in the week by prior arrangement, for people who absolutely cannot get away on the weekend. The cost of Glass Class is $60 per person, which covers the education, glass enhancers (frit, stringers etc.) and two firing cycles. You can buy the glass for the pieces at cost from us, or buy it at Art Glass City in Lewisville (no, we are not getting a percentage…they sell the same specification glass that we use, which is essential for good results).

Please wear close-toed shoes at all Glass Classes. This is just in case a glass mishap occurs. At this time, we have not managed to invent glass that bounces on terra firma instead of breaking.

Fall Activities at Rainpebbles Glass

We are well into the Fall art fair season here at Rainpebbles…this coming Saturday we will be at Pop Up Market in Fort Worth.

2 Weekends ago we exhibited at the South Street Arts Festival in Arlington. That was the first year of the festival. It was well-organized and we had an excellent position. Here is the view of out stand on the South side of the street on the Sunday:

2013-09-29 10.48.44

Here is the latest collection of pendants on sale at South Street:2013-09-29 12.00.10

The only downside was that it rained very heavily for a while on Saturday afternoon from 2 until 5pm, which caused us a certain degree of amusement, as the back corner of our sales are became a location for the remake of “A River Runs Through It”…

2013-09-28 14.32.13

Shevlin’s First Law of Selling in person

1. If the first words out of a viewer are a variant on “this is so pretty”, they are not going to buy a thing.

This is pretty infallible. Usually the people saying this are women. They are simply verbally rationaliizing a decision that they may have already made in their head before they even walked into the tent.

Hello Again!

Several months ago I received an email from someone informing me that my website had major issues. After quite a bit of time looking into the issue, my husband discovered that for unknown reasons all around, Blue Host lost every bit of my website. All the photos – gone. All my blog postings – gone. Hours spend creating the website, gone, gone, gone.

Thanks mostly to my wonderfully computer & blog literate husband, I am back to writing to the cloud for anyone to read. In my hiatus I wrote and posted on Facebook – – and I certainly will continue posting there – but for those without a Facebook page, you can see what I am up to here at Worldpress. =)

So far, I am liking the usability of this blog MUCH better than blue host. Time will tell, but we’re off to a great start.